Gensler’s newest data on workplace performance highlights that employees want to return to the office more often if it offers the right experiences. The right experiences will accelerate their return. 14th + Spring Has. It. All.


… according to Gallup Research,
Only 32% of the U.S. workforce is actively engaged in their daily work.
14th + Spring offers variety – space for creative group work as well as individual quiet work – intentionally designed to engage talent and support peak productivity.


… according to Gensler Workplace Survey
Companies must provide an ecosystem of diverse spaces to curate a mix of experiences. 14th + Spring is a High-Performance Workplace® offering an intentional collection of distinct environments with access to a range of onsite and nearby amenities.


… according to Gensler Workplace Survey,
Workers in high-performing workspaces report that they want to be in the office more often. 14th + Spring attracts workers with a people-centric environment that they crave. It is designed to recruit and retain talent that engages and outperforms.