Greenstone continues to make great progress at 14th + Spring!  Once completed, 14th+Spring, a 324,000 SF Class AA office building, will provide a vibrant, flexible, and safe workplace experience.  This will include a building lobby that is intentionally designed for hospitality to encourage people to congregate and engage.  Additionally, 14th+Spring will provide workspace flexibility.  Approximately 70% of people work in multiple spaces throughout their workday, and our design at 14th+Spring delivers that flexibility which will stimulate creativity and maximum productivity.  Key features include:

  • An Urban Park with seating on 14th street
  • Lobby level Outdoor Patio with seating and workspaces
  • A Roof top terrace for work or celebrations
  • Building Lobby seating areas

Get excited about the possibilities of being a part of Midtown Atlanta’s premier location – 14th+Spring.  Learn more … contact us today!